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On the move, Your best move

YBL International offers a wide range of courier services to suit your privacy and confidentiality needs. We pride ourselves on offering courier services that are as flexible and convenient as possible for our clients. Our dedicated team delivers every shipment with care. We are focused on reliable shipment delivery with a personal touch offering a huge range of services. Private and confidentiality document will be inserted in YBL International anti-tamper evident bag with unique serial number to ensure during transit from point-to-point will be unopened. This will prevent business espionage, top level strategy leakage and image of document falling in to the wrong hand. 

Our courier services allow you to send parcels for delivery the very next day. Whether you are sending something for personal or business use, our courier services offer customer-centric approach.

We have implemented the courier software in our business. Thanks to the new system, we are now able to manage our document more accurately and more securely.

YBL INTERNATIONAL SDN. BHD. is a licensed Courier Company [No. lesen: LPP-1/2012/4 (1)] granted by the Ministry of lnformations Communications and Culture. YBL was established to provide a reliable, cost-effective, a more personal and improved services to our clients. With each management team member experience ranging from 16 to 36 years, YBL offers a full range of services and deliveries from documents to parcels.

Click on the YBL Courier for more information on our courier services. 

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