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Business Opportunities

We strategically partner with small businesses so they can develop, grow and flourish, and bring value to our customers by proving the great ability of small businesses to respond with agility to evolving customer requirements. Doing so gives our customers the broadest possible benefits that our offerings of innovative solutions, specialization capabilities, and skilled experts can provide.

YBL International, an ever-ambitious company specialising in total logistic, courier and facility management is pleased to invite interested parties to be a part of its growing network as licensees / business operators. Please contact us at +6 016-289 7788 or email to

Why Choose YBL?

We see ourselves as partners in the success of OUR business, and as a result of our experience; we ensure that the support we offer is timely and appropriate to the individual needs of your business.

Our support is provided freely and we have the knowledge and experience to provide this in many different ways.

  • Low initial investment allowing you to start up an affordable business
  • Focussed on providing business solutions to all other businesses allows our franchise partners work life balance
  • Comprehensive induction programme with ongoing support and training for our franchise business owners
  • Intuitive marketing system
  • Highly targeted powerful branded marketing and advertising material – personalised to the launch of your business operation
  • Full business “launch pack” to allow our franchise business owners to establish entry to their chosen market place
  • Negotiated preferential rates from national and regional suppliers through group purchase
  • Telephone and online support from trusted business advisors
  • Regular audits and ongoing business planning from business professionals
  • Annual meeting for our Franchise business partners to allow the sharing of ideas and promote our ongoing future growth initiatives

The franchise package not only includes a comprehensive induction programme on the operations of our business model, computer system, printer, telephone, management information system as well as an initial branded marketing launch pack.

In short everything that you will need for the launch and operation of your business. 

What You Will Enjoy

  • Door-opening power of a government recognised brand.
  • The influence and resources of YBL International business formula.
  • A full suite of back-office systems that allow you to concentrate your time, energy and skill on successful business deals.
  • A large and experienced support team to help steer your business through the challenging times and take full advantage of the great times ahead.
  • As a YBL franchise partner, you will be trained to take every advantage that comes from being part of a nationally recognised brand, meaning you will be able to open doors that other independent parties can’t. Straight away this enables you to stand out from the crowd and your competitors.
  • All new Franchise Partners are supported by the New Business Academy (NBA) for the first 3 to 6 months. This includes hands on support and advice from choosing a suitable office, recruiting your own team of people through to teaching you everything you need to know to win and retain business.